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Wood Shutter Components
We have a complete line of wood shutter components. However we can custom mill any detail our customer needs and we can offer it raw, finger joint and primed.

Pre primed Shutter Components
This product line include all the shutter pre primed components. We offer two types of prime, Gesso and Spay prime. Most of our pre primed material is gesso coated, because with this prime you get the better and smother finish.
Under the pre primed shutter components, we use different substrates as solid wood, finger joint wood, MDF and wood / MDF combined.

Raw Shutter Components
Under this product line we have the Solid Wood shutters components. Most of the shutters components of this line are made out of Basswood and Poplar. The basswood components of this line are the perfect  one for stain and sand blast finished.

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