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Shades are the most favorite and good choice to any room for residences or businesses. Roller Shades are the most common shade to put in your offices or any business. We can bring you beautiful choices and beautiful materials that put your rooms good light and suit your styles. There are a variety of fabrics, textures, and woven-wood materials that coordinate with your décor. Every window in your home can be a form of creative expression. Again, let our experts to help you to choose a right one for you.


  1. Continuous Cord Loop. The beaded chain system uses to lift and lower the shades. Just a simple pull of a continuous beaded-loop, you can bring it into place effortlessly. It can be applied on most type of shades
  2. Top Down/Bottom Up: The Top-Down/Bottom-Up can be used to open by lowering the top down or by lifting the bottom up for lighting purposes, It can be used on most type of shades but not Roller Shades.
  3. Privacy and Room darkening Liners (use for Bamboo/Woven-Wood only). Privacy liners control the amount of light that filters through the Bamboo/Woven wood.Blackout liners totally block out of light for maximum privacy.
  4. Day and Night: (use for cellular shades only): By combining 2 shades in one window. You can choose a Translucence for night time and Room darkening for day time. Just a simple pull to lower or lift up one or another for soothing your favor.
  5. Cordless (use for Cellular shades only): Cordless lift system eliminates exposed cords completely and allows easy adjustment by lifting and lowering the shade by hand. Just a simple pull or push the bottom rail into place. Cordless system also eliminates safety hazards for children and pets that are caused by dangling cords.

Zebra String operation Roller Shades

Zebra Sheer Horizontal Shades feature both light-filtering and room-darkening (blackout) fabrics. These dual-layered Sheer fabrics overlap and alternate to ensure adequate darkening and privacy while letting natural light in whenever you want it.

Zebra Roller Shade is the shade of choice for those who are bold. Zebra Shades are dual-layered shades that enable you to easily switch between sheer and blackout or privacy. For light-filtering and views, you simply pull the string of the shade slightly shift to sheer layers so you can enjoy the beautiful light effects and the outside views. For privacy or Blackout, you simply pull the string to shift to the thick/opaque fabric layers to create a room darkening and peace of mind in your home. A hard cassette valance with Fabric inserts is included to complete a shade.

Zebra Motorized Sheer Shades

Motorized Zebra Roller Shades are for their unique design and ultimate light controlling features. The very popular Zebra Motorized sheer roller shades are brought back in all new motorized avatar. These double layered zebra shades comprised of overlapping layers of light filtering and opaque fabrics. The shade can be adjusted to filter light in day and blackout all the light for privacy giving you supreme control over light in your room. All steps can be done with the remote control by simply press a button on its. These motorized versions of Zebra sheer roller shades are made from superior quality fabrics and state-of-the-art motorization.

Motorized Roller Shades or Zebra Shades can be linked to Alexa commands by connecting to the Mylink App

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