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Shutter Tips
  1. Selecting plantation shutters with largest louvers are the best for very large windows such as 4 -1/2 inch louver for better visibility. Panels with larger louvers use fewer louvers than smaller louvers. For example, 4-1/2 inch louvers are spaced 4 inch centers, 3-1/2 inch louvers are spaced 3 inch centers and 2-1/2 inch louvers are spaced 2 inch centers.
  2. If the window is less than 35 inches wide, consider using a single panel that hinges to either left or right side of the window. However, customers should determine the number of panels necessary to fill windows as their desires.
  3. Do not assume STAIN or PAINT colors are universal. Vendors could be used the same name of color such as Bright White, Pure White or Mahogany, etc but they could be slightly different in tones and/or shade from each vendor. Always ask to see real sample color before making decision.
  4. Choosing any color of Whites in a dark-room where has very minimum light shining to glow up the room.
  5. Always and completely shut the shutters with West-facing windows in the afternoon and East-facing windows in the morning to reduce the heat in your house .
  6. Choosing Basswood Shutters because they are strong, lightweight, easy to maintain, and beautiful wood grain for Stain finish. Possibly, ask for Semi-gloss or High- gloss finishing if necessary for Basswood shutters in high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.


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